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The Ibanez Prestige RG752WMFX, straight out of the case, has a certain sense of understated elegance to it.  Upon receiving this guitar, I was a bit stunned by the beauty of it.  Somehow, Ibanez continues to find new ways to better the venerable RG and this Wenge-topped beauty is no different.  The RG has been a metal standard shape for 25 years and is arguably the most popular shape for metal musicians of all time.  I always raise a skeptical eye to trying to improve what most consider to be perfection already, but Ibanez was ready to prove themselves to me with this instrument.

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Once you get past the absolutely stunning Wenge top, your eyes gradually move up to the Maple fingerboard which is absolutely covered in Birdseye figuring, a Rosewood headstock Veneer and a simply magnificent piece of Mahogany for the body.  The entire guitar is oil-finished, providing a very soft feel.  The Bolt-on neck is a 5-piece, (Maple and more Wenge), and features the extremely fast Wizard 7 profile with 24 jumbo-sized frets that are expertly dressed and a TUSQ nut rounds off the ensemble.  Gotoh`s Magnum locking tuners are found on the headstock.  On a personal note, I have toured with these tuners, and found them to be very stable machines, this guitar’s stability is rock-solid.  Speaking of “Rock-solid”, an interesting feature to this instrument is the bridge.  The Gibraltar Standard II bridge is quite possible the lowest-profile fixed bridge Ibanez offers, and is very comfortable to rest the hand on.  This bridge is renowned for precise intonation adjustment, playing comfort, and great sustain and it lives up to its’ reputation. 

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The playability of this instrument is excellent.  The sculpted neck heel offers unhindered access to the upper registers, and feels very comfortable to work around.  Because of the low-profile bridge, you are able to relax your wrist, which really allows for effortless picking.  Well done Ibanez.

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Overall, the instrument is very well-equipped, and comes stock with DiMarzio PAF7s.  Our guitar was a prototype with Seymour Duncans, but from Previous experience, the PAF7 set is very well-rounded and a terrific set for meat, Jazz, Rock etc.  The guitar comes equipped with a five-way switch, and one volume control, as well as one tone control.

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Overall, the RG752WMFX is your typical Ibanez Prestige.  A High-standard of quality is apparent with these Japanese-crafted instruments.  The Ibanez Flagship line rarely disappoints and this RG is no exception.  If you are looking for a fixed-bridge, seven-string guitar for metal and heavier music under $2000?  This Instrument is worth a look.



Usual Japanese quality Craftsmanship.

Excellent fit and finish


Excellent selection of exotic woods

Excellent hardware/Pickups

Excellent quality fitted Case


Some may find issue with a Veneer top, however, given costs of Wenge, it is a non-issue.

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