In keeping with my recent article on a certain other UK based guitar luthier, lets take a look at the incredible work coming out of Halfway, Carmarthenshire. Jaden Rose guitars are handmade and bespoke, drawing inspiration from the stunning selection of the highest quality tone woods. Players worldwide are becoming increasingly fascinated with what can only be describes as some of the finest instruments you can buy today.

Their about section of the website states it perfectly: “Jaden Rose comes to guitar making with a 20 year background in bespoke joinery and precision engineering – he set up his own mini factory complete with brand new tooling and CNC machinery to ensure perfect replication and precision every time – every guitar is made entirely by Jaden. Nothing is commissioned or sub-contracted to guitar factories abroad and all hardware is of highest quality.”

From around £1500/$2100, Jaden will lovingly handcraft you a unique instrument, which can be specified from any of the options on the website. By chance, I managed to acquire a stunning fanned fret, 8 string model previously owned by Fred Brum, and so my addiction with theses astounding instruments was born.

While you assume that the super strat shapes, carved horns and supreme playability would lend themselves best to shredders and progressives, these things will handle nearly any application, and can of course be tailored to meet your needs. Pickup choice is virtually unlimited, and the fretwork… oh the fretwork. I love the ball bearing look Ibanez can polish out on their prestige models fret ends, but they need to send their head luthiers over to Jaden. This man is a wizard!

While versatility is good, its not what everyone wants. Understanding your market is an essential part of success in the guitar world, and Jadens recent work realises the culmination of some intensive R&D, and artist relations. Recent results speak for themselves, incredibly thin design, which sports aggressive aesthetics, impeccable playability and tonal clarity. A notable side affect of the input from Sikth’s own Dan Weller. If your looking for an all in one solution for a guitar that can be comparable to the best metal machines out there, this is what you need.

You can tell that Jaden loves his job. I have personally owned four of his instruments, and many of my friends (and professional musicians) I have spoken to about their guitars can only sing praises. Out of my sample of around 15 of his guitars which I have played, only one had a flaw I noticed, which was due to unpredictable acclimatisation of a very rare and notoriously difficult fretboard made from snakewood. A fault that I should also note, Jaden fixed in a manner that I cant even photograph it to show you where the work was done. That is the graft of a gentleman luthier who accepts only perfection!


Superbly honest and accessible price point,

Staggeringly attentive customer service,

Unparalleled build quality,

Always excited to try out new ideas,

Better hardware than most big name brands,


You cant try a guitar that is being made for you until it is made… for you. Honestly, not so much a con, as it is a fact of life.

Heres a clip of my playing the Jaden Rose FF8:

Review/photos By Ben Parr

For more info, please visit Jaden Rose Guitar at their website:

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