Big news….

Wired Guitarist is launching a community guitar store & an exclusive Community Contributor program!  

As authorized dealers for Ibanez, PRS, Jackson, Schecter, Mayones, and Thorn, we can help you obtain just about any guitar you want now.

Here’s what the community store means for you:

Lower pricing on guitars.  We’ve eliminated middle-men & cut wasteful practices.  This means the best pricing possible for the community.

A better buying experience.  We couldn’t control if your guitars were delivered on time, or how quickly questions were answered.  With the community store, everyone working for us has their compensation tied to the happiness of our community – they are always motivated  to put in 110% to make sure you’re 110% satisfied.  

Better guitars with unique features.  We can now work with leading guitar companies to get the exact models with the exact features you guys want.  Why settle for something an out-of-touch product manager from the 1940’s thinks is cool?

Why are we doing it?

Well, it’s simple…tradition.  

We have always done anything we can to improve our community, and we are continuing with that tradition by creating a community guitar store featuring leading guitar brands.

Together, we built the Gear Exchange as a community to avoid heavy fees imposed by eBay.

Together, we built the Music Discussion group to provide a safe haven from typical degenerates you find on Facebook guitar groups.

…now, together, we’re launching a community guitar store.

As a thank you to the community for everything we’ve done together over the last 4 years, we’re proud to announce the limited Wired Guitarist Community Contributor Package – available for the next 3 days only, and at 75% off!

For only 25 dollars, Community Supporters receive:

  • Advance notice of limited runs & upcoming deals.
  • Exclusive deals & packages emailed to you on leading guitar brands we carry.
  • VIP selection of guitars.
  • Auto-entered to win one of three NAMM passes.
  • Discounts at the following businesses:
    • StringJoy (15%)
    • Winspear (10%)
    • GruvGear (15%)
    • Positive Grid (first 20 people only)
  • Access to our special Community Contributor group.
  • Name permanently posted on our website as a thank you for helping the community.
  • Your questions get answered first for any live community interviews we do with big name guitarists.

To reap the benefits of the Community Contributor package, click here or check out our guitars in-stock by clicking here.

As always, thank you.  We’re looking forward to continuing our tradition of bringing the community exceptional value.  


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