Guitar Spotlight: Paul Reed Smith Private Stock DGT Birds of a Feather

PRS have been doing some really cool things with their Private Stock guitars lately, and we thought it would be cool to share one of their recent creations with our readers!  This particular guitar is Paul Reed Smith’s Private Stock guitar of the month for April 2016.  The inlay speaks for itself, and is a testament to how skilled the luthiers working at PRS are.

First things first though…pictures!  Check out the gallery below (click on the right side of the picture to scroll through the gallery).

PRS Private Stock Guitars

For those of you that don’t know, Private Stock guitars are built by PRS to their highest standards, with their top tier wood and best hardware, designed to last multiple lifetimes, and be passed down throughout families for generations to come. Many of them have more experimental designs than normal PRS guitars as well. These are without a doubt some of the best guitars money can buy, built by people who truly care about their art. Playing one is a real treat.

There are some “stock” models that you can choose from when ordering a Private Stock and further customize them to your needs, or create a completely built to order instrument for yourself. Different woods, carves, bridges, inlays, electronics, and more can be chosen!

What Paul Reed Smith is doing now is bringing back their “Guitars of the Month.” This idea started in the mid ‘90s, allowing PRS to release limited runs of Private Stock guitars that they designed themselves, and try cool new ideas developed by their top luthiers. 2016 is the 20th anniversary of Guitars of the Month, and they are definitely commemorating that in a big way.  

April 2016 Guitar of the Month

April’s guitar of the month is a DGT, which stands for David Grissom Trem. David Grissom is one of the world’s leading session musicians, and as such worked with PRS to develop a guitar as versatile as possible. This is achieved through pickups that are designed for as much articulation as possible, that can be split, and have one tone and two individual volume controls. It also has 22 frets for sweet neck pickup tone, tall frets for easy bending, and a unique neck profile.

This particular one features semi-hollow construction for with one F-Hole for a beautiful aesthetic and even more resonant 3 dimensional tone. The top is a thick, rich cut of Ziricote, and the back is African Ribbon Mahogany. The entire top, and even the F-Hole, has flamed maple binding.

Even more unique, this features the Birds of a Feather package. This is an inlay made from ziricote and figured maple. The Ziricote slowly transforms from a solid flock of birds into a few “flying” into the maple near the first frets. Maple purfling and mother of pearl side dots further decorate the aesthetic up and down the board. Finally, the headstock is figured maple, with a ziricote and mother of pearl eagle inlay.

No details were overlooked on the more functional design elements of this guitar as well. The locking tuners have ebony buttons, and the bridge even features locking saddles. The satin nitro finish also allows the guitar to breathe, and will age fantastically over time.

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