Tired of endlessly posting your music on Facebook, Instagram, and maybe a few forums only to find you aren’t growing your band’s audience?  Is marketing your band something you can’t figure out?

Your music is good, you’ve spent quite a bit of money getting it mixed, mastered and ready to go, but for some reason, you and your band can’t seem to grow your audience…

What’s stopping you?

It’s simple; you don’t know anything about marketing.  You might think you do, but if you aren’t getting results then you don’t.

Let’s use an analogy…

One day, you randomly decide to bake a cake.  You’ve never baked anything before, this is your first time baking, and you decide you don’t need any recipe to help you.

OK, I get it, some people aren’t really into reading manuals, or in this case, recipe books.

So you start baking your cake, and you have a rough idea of what needs to go into it.

You grab sugar, milk, maybe some chocolate chips because cakes have those, right?

You throw them all together in the oven, set the temperature to something that seems hot enough to make cake, and then…

You end up with some shapeless chunk of suspicious goop.

Definitely not a cake.

That chunk of goop is exactly what your band’s marketing efforts are.

You’re trying to build your audience without knowing how to do it, or taking the time to learn how.  Maybe you’ve read a few guides online, but those are likely written by amateurs.

We’re tired of seeing our fellow musicians fall flat when trying to market their band, so we’ve put together a free book that will help you grow your band’s audience in a practical way using marketing.

Wondering why our advice is better than any other advice you’d get on the internet?

It’s simple.

You’re on our site, reading our article right now.  You wouldn’t be here if we weren’t good at marketing, would you?

Click here to download our free book that teaches you how to grow your band’s audience.  All we need is your email so we know where to send your free book. 🙂

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