How do you get good at guitar quickly? How about without getting bored, or even worse, being totally confused? Do you want to know how to shred?

In Shred Lessons, our new weekly series with Cannon McDonald, Cannon teaches you how to shred! He’s going to cover everything from the basics up, but with fun and usable licks tabbed out on screen. This isn’t some undecipherable expert-tier series, nor is it boring music store-level lessons. It’s a great guitarist, teaching you how to get great: quickly.

This video focuses on note values. In his original piece “Shifting Gears,” Cannon not only explains note values, but arranged a song that uses licks made up of whole notes, 32nd notes, and everything in between:  in order. This is a very easy way to put things in perspective and also learn some cool rock and metal solo parts.

Check back every Friday for more from Cannon!


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