We had a chance to ask Sithu Aye what his live guitar rig consists of.  It’s surprisingly simple and straightforward, especially given the music he plays.  

Sithu uses a Fractal Audio Axe-FX II directly out to the front of house, and a Fractal MFC-101 MIDI controller to change patches.

If you’re really after his tone, or just want to see how he goes about getting it, we highly recommend you download Sithu’s Axe FX tones right off the Axe Exchange.  He has uploaded his bass, clean, lead, and rhythm tones there!

Sithu’s backing tracks are controlled using a Macbook Pro running Logic.  A mono backing track is sent to the front of house via a Focusrite Scarlett interface, and a click to Sithu’s drummer Jamie.

Sithu Aye uses Mayones guitars live.  He owns two Mayones Regius models as well as a Duvell Standard, but uses the Regius models live.  If you are new to Mayones, and want to know everything there is to know about them and their lineup, you can read our full guide right here.

We’ve included a massive detailed shot of the inlay on one of his Regius models, pretty amazing right?

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We have compiled a gallery of his Mayones below, just hover over the right hand side and click the arrows to scroll throughthe pictures.  Enjoy!  

Sithu AyeMayones

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