Today we’re checking out the Schecter Omen 6! The Schecter Omen 6 is a guitar aimed at budget-savvy players.

Schecter Guitars have a lot of options in their lineup, from their superb USA Custom Shop instruments, to their well-inspected South Korean guitars with high end appointments, to their more inexpensive value models.

Is the Schecter Omen 6 a great value? Read on to find out!


The specifications of the Schecter Omen 6 are as follows:

Walnut Satin Finish w/ Black Body Binding
Arched Top Basswood Body
Bolt-On Maple Neck
Rosewood Fretboard w/ Pearloid Gothic Inlays
25.5″ scale
14″ Radius
24 Extra-Jumbo Frets
Thin “C” neck
String-Thru TOM Bridge
1xVolume, 1xTone, 3-Way Toggle
Schecter Diamond Plus Humbuckers

This is obviously a stripped down budget guitar, but that doesn’t make it a cheap guitar

Appointments such as the satin finish and recessed knobs are great ways to separate this from some of the really phoned in budget models other brands are famous for. 

The neck profile and fretboard radius are basically perfect middle grounds that make it accessible to everyone. The neck isn’t very thin or overly thick, and the fretboard isn’t extremely flat or round.

The string thru-TOM bridge is a no-fuss bridge which does exactly what it needs to do, it’s reliable and simple, and doesn’t get in the way of playing. The tuners also do their job decently. They stay in tune fairly well, you won’t find yourself stopping mid playing because one of the strings fell completely out of tune.


The Schecter Omen 6 definitely played it safe, to good effect. 

The basswood and maple combination is a “risk free” way to go when it comes to guitar woods, for balanced tone and light weight. You’re not going to get incredible pickups for $350 in any guitar, but a common problem is that they’re thin-sounding and not suitable for metal. This guitar does not suffer from that problem. The stock pickups have plenty of output for saturated rock and metal tones. 

I will say the cleans aren’t astounding, especially because it lacks coil splits, but they are serviceable.

The cleans and clarity may not be the best, but this guitar is a rarity inasmuch as you can actually play metal on it successfully.

Build Quality:

I tend to be very critical of guitars in the budget range because some brands simply don’t care about their more inexpensive models, or lack the economies of scale to produce quality ones. 

This guitar does everything I expect of it. 

There were no issues with the neck pocket, and the nut was surprisingly well cut from the factory.

There were small finish imperfections, as well as one dinged fret. The tone pot was a bit scratchy, but some contact cleaner cleared that right up.

Overall nothing impedes playability and it’s definitely better than you’d see on an instrument in this price range 10 years ago (or many still in production today). 

Final Verdict:

The Schecter Omen-6 is a simple, straight to the point guitar. It is both lightweight, and designed for metal. 

This makes it well-suited for both beginners not looking to be confused, or players needing an inexpensive live guitar.

For many applications, it will benefit from a setup and pickup swap, but for players just looking to practice and get affordable metal tone it will do the job right out of the box. 


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