As I’m sure our readers know, we love Ibanez at Wired Guitarist. We’re always faced with an issue, however. There aren’t enough Ibanez models for us to play! We’re trying to fix this with our exclusive limited Ibanez runs, but Japan still seems to have a lot of cool models we don’t get in America. We’ve compiled a list of 5 Ibanez models we need in the US. Hopefully some day, they will be!  


1. RG2570MZA-WPM

This Prestige features a beautiful white finish and a maple fretboard. This combo isn’t really seen in the US market currently, and I have no idea why. It looks great! No pickguard and an Edge Zero trem (a fan favorite, albeit a polarizing one) instead of the Lo-Pro or classic Edge commonly found on US Prestiges definitely make this model stand out from what we’re used to in the states.

The pickups, however, are the same tried-and-true Dimarzio Tone Zone, True Velvet, and Air Norton. I personally think that the clean look this guitar has would surely sell well here in the states.


2. RG2540ZEXA

There are currently no HSS RG Prestiges in production for the US market! Or Ash bodied Prestiges! Look at it! Why wouldn’t you want one? A dark stained ash body with the grain shown white justifies the “Lightning Through A Dark” finish name.

Once again, this Prestige has an Edge Zero bridge instead of what we usually see on our Prestiges. The guitar features a Dimarzio Norton (criminally underrated) in the bridge, and Virtual Vintage Heavy Blues 2 single coils in the middle and neck positions. I’m usually not a fan of pickguards but the pearloid pickguard combined with the cosmo black hardware on this thing is really cool. Please, Ibanez!


3. RG370ZB

I guess this is like the hotter friend of our own RG420. For the players who are on a budget, this guitar is sweet. It features a mahogany body with a black open pore finish with white binding! It features the same Quantum pickups in an HSH configuration found in the US market RGs.

Unlike our regular RG’s however, it has an Edge Zero II bridge that you can find on our Iron Label series guitars, which in my opinion is one of the best inexpensive bridges out there. 

Between the mahogany body, raw finish, binding, and offset dots, this is basically a greatest hits list of player-favorite features.


4. S5470M

The US S series Prestiges come in a lot of awesome tops, like Australian blackwood, limba, and beautiful quilt maple tops. However, some players prefer simple combinations. Like black with a maple fretboard!

This S series is exactly that. Simple and clean, it has almost the same specs as the regular S Prestiges, only difference being a really classy abalone logo inlay and a Edge ZR2 tremolo. These really make this guitar stand out from the rest of the S prestige models we currently have available to us!


5. RG3770DX

Real old school cool, the RG3770DX Prestige model is unlike any newer Prestige I’ve ever seen. What really stands out in this axe is what’s behind. This guitar actually has the Tilt Joint! Now that you know that, and you know… looking at it, it becomes obvious that this is basically a direct reissue of the revered RG770DX, with modern refinements such as the Dimarzio pickups. 


If you plan on ordering these straight from Japanese stores, be careful. The price of the guitar will not be what you have to pay to get it to your door. You will most likely need to have a third party in japan get the guitar and ship it to you. You’ll have to pay commission fees to the company, EMS shipping, PayPal fees, and maybe customs fees. 

But who knows, maybe we will see these sold stateside soon! Maybe we’ll even do another Ibanez run in the future with other unique and limited specifications! 

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This article written by Mike Azernov, our editor located in New York.

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