Wondering what gear Sean Price of ERRA uses? We had a chance to talk to him and find out.

As far as his amp, Sean uses a Kemper Profiler. He does this for the sake of simplicity, but he also loves the tone! (Check out our review of a Kemper Profiling Amp here) He generally runs a noise gate>compressor>tube screamer>PRS Archon profile for his distorted rhythm tones. For clean tones, he uses a Fender Super Reverb profile. On the floor, he only uses a midi footswitch to change patches.

Sean uses a few different Ibanez models both live and in the studio. For 7-string material he is using a RGD2127FX. 6-string material sees use of the classic RGA121. He did mention he has the new RG652MPBFX on the way that he’s excited to try out. All of his guitars are fitted with the EMG 57/66 set. He noted that Ibanez are just hard to beat because the necks feel like home.

Sean Price ERRA

We also asked him for some tips on how to get a good metal tone:

According to Sean, too much gain can be a problem. “It’s heavy music, but it still deserves clarity. The lower you tune the more scale length and/or higher string gauge you require. Don’t buy a guitar out of a shop with .009s on it and expect it to take drop G#… The most incredible brands in the world can play poorly if their guitars aren’t set up correctly.”

Be sure to check out ERRA’s new album “Drift.”


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This article written by Zac Buras, our editor located in Louisiana.

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