How do you get good at guitar quickly? How about without getting bored, or even worse, being totally confused? Do you want to know how to shred?

Shred Lessons with Cannon McDonald, our weekly series helps you get better quickly!

Welcome back! This week, Cannon explains intervals. Intervals are the distances between notes, and it’s important to understand these in many ways. They’re essential to note choice and building chords, and equally important to composition and improvisation.

Studying intervals is quite possible the purest form of music theory, and is fundamental to the concepts of tension and release that drive good composition. Ear training  is a huge part of this as well, and an important skill to develop.

Cannon plays a piece that includes many different intervals (and chords), and breaks it all down with tabs on screen. This is a great way to improve your ears and learn many different shapes and their purposes quickly. He also covers some basic ear training ideas.

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