Are you curious how metalcore giants August Burns Red get their signature sound? What guitars do August Burns Red use and how do they get their tones? August Burns Red is one of the defining metalcore bands of the last decade. With 7 albums and a Grammy nomination, they have helped set the standard of the genre with each release.

Thanks to Brent Rambler and JB Brubaker, the guitar tones are unmistakable. JB’s gear is well documented, but Brent’s tone is very important to the mix as well, so today we’re breaking down Brent’s rig!

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Brent uses few Ibanez Los Angelese Custom Shop FR models. He finds the thick and chunky sounds of the FR models to be perfect for a meaty rhythm tone. Although he primarily uses the FR series, he occasionally uses a recently acquired RG652FX in a gorgeous natural finish. All of his guitars are fitted with the tried and true EMG 81/85 active combo as well as 10-52 gauge strings. (10-52 seems a bit light for some people, but check out our guide to string tension for more info)

Instead of switching guitars to change between multiple tunings, Brent actually uses his Kemper Profiler to drop tune digitally. This somewhat surprised be, but the Kemper does sound great for downtuning as long as you don’t go more than a couple steps. (If you want more info on Kempers in general definitely check out our Kemper Profiling Amp review)

Brent uses a Kemper Profiling Amp (“The Toaster”, as some would call it) with different patches made specifically for different songs. For his primary rhythm tone he is using a 5150 profile that he made himself. For leads he primarily uses reverbs/delays ( the onboard models from the Kemper). The Kemper is being powered by a Carvin DCM200L and ran through a Mesa 4×12. As far as a pedalboard is concerned, he is keeping it simple by just using the Kemper Remote to change between different sounds.

Played a show in Guelph. It was moist. @rayduker 📷 #moist #augustburnsred

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August Burns Red’s latest album “Found in Far Away Places” peaked at #9 on Billboard, and they have toured heavily in support of it. 

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This article written by Zac Buras, our editor located in Louisiana.


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