In the spirit of continuously improving their instruments and listening to their customers, Mayones has decided to make their flagship Regius model curvier!

They have added a contour on the face of the guitar, which is a welcome improvement as some people previously found the lack of a forearm contour uncomfortable.  It was never a big deal for us, but this will definitely help those who said it was an issue for them.

The Regius is also thinner now on the upper part of the body, which allows you to play with the positioning a bit more.

These tweaks are subtle, but definitely welcome changes.  Any customers who ordered a Regius from us in March of 2016 or after will receive their Regius with these new carves!

If you’re looking to order a Regius, don’t hesistate to email us or call.  We love helping people spec out their dream custom guitars, and it’s something we have done a lot!
Mayones Regius Curves

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