Trying to figure out if you should buy the new Mark Holcomb PRS SE model?  Here are 5 very good reasons to give into your GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) and do so:

1.  It has a 20″ radius.  The flatter radius means you can bend more easily without worrying about fretting out.  Flatter radii are also considered more “shred friendly” as you have more uniformity across the board.  The fretboard also has the classic PRS Birds we’ve all come to know and love.
Mark Holcomb PRS SE

2.  The Holcomb SE comes with expensive Seymour Duncan Alpha & Omega pickups.  These were previously only available from the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop at around $325 per set.  Taking into account that the PRS SE is only $899, you’re getting a great deal.

Mark Holcomb PRS SE
3.  The finish has never been done on an SE before.  This is the first time PRS is offering a finish as elaborate as the Holcomb Burst on an SE model.

Mark Holcomb PRS SE


4.  It has a 25.5″ scale length.  PRS usually sticks to a shorter 25″ scale length.  The 25.5″ scale length on these means more clarity and tension when tuning down, which is something most people buying these guitars will be doing.

Mark Holcomb PRS SE

5.  The tonewood combination is awesome.  Mahogany with a maple top and maple neck is a killer flexible combination that allows you to play most genres with ease.  It is one of our favorite tonewood combinations!

I contributed to a new @jasonreevesrichardson track called "Fragments", alongside @lukehollandd and @lukasmagyar. Video incoming on Friday!

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If you’re after one of these guitars, we will be one of the first stores to have them in stock!  Check it out here.

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