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In the late 70’s, Schecter was a company that pretty much exclusively manufactured guitar parts. They were not by any means a big name guitar builder. They would build replacement necks, bodies, bridges, tuners, and other parts to repair guitars from companies such as Fender and Gibson.

Around 1979, they built a custom guitar out of parts for Pete Townshend of The Who. Pete fell in love with the guitar and the rest is history. Now, we have modern-day Schecter guitars and of course, the Schecter PT remains.

(PT= Pete Townshend. Get it?)

Here’s a breakdown of the specs!


PT (It really has no sort of suffix, this model is just “Schecter PT”) Specs:

  • Alder Body w/ Creme Binding
  • Maple Neck
  • Maple Fretboard w/ Classic Dot Inlays
  • Bolt On Neck Construction
  • 5” Scale Length & 14” Radius
  • 22 Jumbo Frets
  • PT-H String-Thru Bridge
  • Grover Rotomatic Tuners
  • Black Hardware
  • Schecter Diamond SuperRock Pickups
  • 1xVolume, 1xTone Controls (Push/Pull for Coil Split) & 3-Way Toggle
  • Gloss Black Finish

I’d like to go ahead and mention how great it is to see a guitar with a coil-split that is this affordable. There are so many high-end guitars out there that don’t even have this. It’s great for adding some versatility to your sound. (Check out our guide to the difference between splits and taps if you need a refresher)

I’m not usually a big fan of solid finishes compared to transparent finishes on guitars, but gloss black somehow works with this aesthetic. Coupled with the maple fretboard and matching creme binding, it really nails the vintage vibe.

The thin “C” neck is just a bit thinner than a classic Fender Telecaster neck, which is definitely more comfortable for lead playing. The body contours also offer excellent upper fret access.


Schecter has delivered a $500 instrument with a ton of versatility for many types of musicians. The classic tone wood combination of Alder Body/Maple Neck ensures a bright and even tone on this guitar.

The guitar has a surprising amount of sustain for standard bolt-on neck. Plus, the added snappiness is always welcome for playing leads.

The Schecter SuperRock pickups are actually quite balanced and versatile. The bridge pickup offers a nice mixture of clarity and presence when played through a clean channel, while the neck pickup unleashes a fat and open sound. Again, the coil splitting adds the ability to achieve even more sounds than offered by a standard humbucker.

As expected, the guitar absolutely shines when playing rock and blues styles. For being stock pickups in a value-priced guitar, I enjoyed the sounds that you can get from them.

Although, if being used for modern metal, I would probably recommend switching out the pickups to something that handles extreme gain a little better.

Build Quality:

Honestly, the PT meets and exceeds expectations that I would have for a $500 guitar.

Although the finish had a few minor imperfections, it’s gloss black on an import guitar… I already liked the look more than I should, so it didn’t bother me.

The neck pocket was well executed and the guitar felt great in your hands. The fretboard was comfy and easy to play on. The fretwork wasn’t flawless, but it wasn’t bad either. None of the frets were noticeably worn or dinged and bending the strings resulted in no choking or catching.

Final Verdict:

The Schecter PT is what it is. A straight forward Tele-style guitar aimed at the guitarist on a budget.

It’s comfortable to play and offers lots of versatility which makes it well-suited for beginners and experienced players looking for a live guitar.

For players looking to use it for modern metal music, I would definitely suggest a pickup swap.

Otherwise, it offers some great sounds out of the box for clean and crunchy tones.
Also, I should note that Schecter has multiple PT models available including high-end custom models for the players looking for something that offers even more!


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This article was written by Zac Buras, our editor located in Louisiana.

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