For those that want an explorer shaped guitar that is as versatile as it is good looking, look no further. Schecter’s E-1 Custom Special Edition is Schecter proving to the world that they really are a force to be reckoned with. (We’ve been doing lots of reviews on awesome Schecters lately, such as this Diamond-J Plus Review).

I had the opportunity to try out Schecter’s 2016 E-1 Custom Special Edition, and it blew me away. I think it is a fantastic mix between a classic explorer and a modern metal machine.

Let’s check out the specs!


Vintage sunburst finish

Mahogany body w/ quilt maple veneer top

Creme multi-ply binding

3 piece mahogany “Thin C”  Neck

Ebony fretboard w/ pearl block inlays

Graph Tech XL ivory nut

22 XJ frets

Chrome hardware

Schecter locking tuners

TonePros bridge

1xVolume, 1xpush-pull tone pot, 3-way toggle switch

Schecter USA Custom shop “Sunset Strip” and “Pasadena” Humbuckers


The mahogany body and Sunset Strip/Pasadena humbuckers are a match made in heaven. The guitar sounds full, warm, and very clear. The ceramic Sunset Strip bridge pickup is naturally compressed and cuts through the mix well. The coils are wound for a high output, and it has nickel silver baseplate (something usually used on fancy boutique pickups). It really excels in giving you a nice 80’s style metal tone. Judas Priest and Iron Maiden tones are super easy to dial in on this thing, it’s awesome!

The Pasadena neck pickup is like a classic PAF pickup but with a nice boost. The EQ on this one favors upper-mids, making it excellent for lead tones. Add these pickups with a huge chunk of mahogany and you have an awesome, well balanced guitar. I was absolutely blown away by this thing, tonewise.

Build Quality:

The E-1 Custom Special Edition is one of Schecter’s higher end import guitars. Since these guitars are matched with brand name hardware, everything is precise and nearly flawless.

The Graph Tech nut is installed beautifully, no scratches or weird marks on or around it. The choice of ivory over a typical black nut was a fantastic aesthetic choice, in my opinion.

The frets and fretboard had no signs of damage or imperfections, which is kind of rare for imports. It’s not uncommon for guitars to get a tiny scratch or two (sometimes big ones) as they leave the factory and are being shipped.

The pots were decent, there must’ve been a tiny cold joint somewhere, because the guitar made a bit of hum on the neck pickup. This is a super easy fix though, nothing one minute of soldering can’t repair!

If you have no idea how to solder, we have an article to help you called Guitar Soldering For Beginners!

Final Verdict:

I was left with nothing but good impressions with this guitar. It had an absolute rock solid performance and feel. I’d buy it in a heartbeat if I wasn’t obsessed with seven strings! A solid chunk of mahogany, a fantastic finish, and fantastic pickups to match.

Although an easy adjustment for most players, the “Thin C” neck will feel right at home for Schecter players.

The one thing I’d recommend is to take a look at the solder quality and pots to make sure everything is done well and secure. Everything else on this thing is pretty damn excellent!

Fo players looking to rock out with a classic 80’s metal sound or players looking for a modern metal tone with a classic look, the Schecter E-1 Custom Special Edition can get the job done with ease!


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This article was written by Mike Azernov, our super cool editor located in New York

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