PRS is known for having insanely beautiful tops and finishes on their guitars. The quality of wood and special care to the finish work that PRS offers is something that most companies cannot rival. Today we took a look at some of their custom work and compiled a quick list of our Top 6 PRS Custom Shop Tops!

1) Flame AND Burl Maple!

It’s not often you see builders matching two different woods together to create something like this, and it’s even rarer to find it done so tastefully. I’m not even a huge fan of burl, but this guitar’s top and finish looks like an absolute work of art. Bravo PRS…

This piece of maple tree has flame and burl!

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2) The Richest Blue
A super nice blue on high grade quilt maple makes this finish resemble a clear ocean. The beautiful burst surrounds the guitar and makes it impossible to look away from the intricate figuring.  The wooden knobs and pickup rings are a definite touch of class!

Wooden knobs, wooden pickup rings 👌🏻#prsguitars

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Dragons often look corny and cheesy on guitar. But what about when the guitar in question is a double neck PRS and the dragons are made of insane inlay materials that stretch into the necks of the guitar? Just have look at this work of art.

We just got one of our double-neck dragons back from the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix!

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4) I had to add “tops” to the end of the name of the article just for this guitar.

Madagascar ebony is a personal favorite top wood of mine. I actually ordered a guitar that should be done by the end of the year that has a Madagascar ebony top! This looks like a one piece Madagascar ebony top with a quilt maple binding, with the rest of the guitar matching that theme of ebony. The tuner heads and knobs are even made of wood! Insane!

Madagascar Ebony.

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5) Spalted Glory
This beautiful PRS has an insane spalted maple top and a nice burst finish to show off the lines and grain! This top and finish make it look like something you’d see in the apocalypse. I love it!

From our Private Stock, a beautiful spalted maple top. #prs #guitar #privatestock #geartalk #paulreedsmith

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6) One Piece Burl

This PRS body is constructed entirely of burl! A beautiful amber-ish finish really accents the burl and allows it to show off all those shapes and figures!

#nofilter, It ruins the beauty. #prs #guitar #woooow

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This article was written by Mike Azernov, our editor located in New York

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