The Ibanez ATK810E gives many bassists a versatile yet straightforward option when searching for their next instrument. This bass kicks it old school a bit, but still provides some options for more modern bass players. Available in both 4 string (ATK810E) and 5 string (ATK815E) models, the ATK is made for just about any musician.

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The ATK810E seems to be a newer, more updated model of the ATK800E, a 4 string bass with similar features. There was also a 5 string version of this bass with the same specs, the ATK805E, and the ATK815E seems to be the newer version of that bass. The most noticeable difference between the ATK800E/ATK805E and the ATK810E/ATK815E was that the ATK800e/ATK805E featured a stained Ash body, while the body of the ATK810E/ATK815E is not stained.

For this review, I tried out the ATK810E. The only difference I found between the two basses (which really wasn’t even noticeable) was that the ATK810E had string spacing that was only 1 mm wider than the ATK815E.


• ATK5 3-piece bolt-on maple neck
• 34” scale
• 305mm fretboard radius
• Ash body
• Maple fretboard
• Black dot inlays
• 22 frets
• ATK4 bridge (19mm string spacing)
• CAP Sonic Arch4 passive neck pickup
• CAP Double Humbucker passive bridge pickup
• Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ
• Treble, mid, and bass boost/cut controls
• Balancer and volume controls
• 3-way pickup character switch (bridge, center, neck)
• Graph Tech Black Tusq nut
• Chrome Hardware
• Hipshot machinehead tuners
• Premium fret edge treatment
• Natural Flat (NTF) Finish

The large ash body and conventional neck design of this instrument gives it a vintage feel, and the premium fret edge treatment allows for smooth playing with a comfortable neck grip.

The 3-way pickup character switch for the CAP Double Humbucker gives the bass 3 distinct, sweet voices, allowing bass players to explore many different tone options. This also allows the player to find that perfect tone for any genre, and switch right to it at any given second.


The CAP Double Humbucker pickup uses a 3-way pickup character switch, which allows players to choose from 3 different options. When switched to the neck position, the 3-way pickup character switch activates the first part of the Double Humbucker, which is closer to the neck. In a similar way, when switched to the bridge position, it activates the second part of the Double Humbucker, which is closer to the bridge. Both parts of the Double Humbucker can be used when the switch is in the center position. Combined with the Sonic Arch neck pickup, this allows for even more tone options.

In addition to this, the treble, mid, and bass boost/cut controls allow a bass player to control how they sit in the mix. The instrument also features balancer and volume controls to find the perfect balance for the perfect sound.

The bass has a balanced tone with a bit of boost in the highs, thanks to the combination of the ash body and the maple fingerboard. The notes come out very clearly and well-defined. If you want to read more, we have a really useful guide to different tonewoods.

The passive pickups also mean that bass tends to follow a more vintage style in tone, but the easy to use controls allow any bass player to find a more modern sound if that’s what they prefer.

Build Quality:

The conventional neck design of this instrument tends to stick to a more vintage style in addition to the large, ash body. This combination holds together well to create a solid instrument that’s comfortable to play and hold.

Ibanez took it to the next level to make the neck as comfortable as possible, with the Premium fret edge treatment. This gives the instrument a steady neck grip while still allowing for smooth playing and easy transitions across the fingerboard.

The body of the bass also has a belly cut on the back to make it more comfortable and easy to play while sitting down, or any other time the instrument would be really close to your body. Furthermore, it has an arm contour so that resting your arm on the instrument can be more comfortable and playing it will feel more natural.

Final Verdict:

The many tone options and reliable build of this bass prove that it is a versatile instrument prepared to handle just about any situation. It was made with the needs of many different bass players in mind, so that any musician can use this instrument when necessary.

The CAP Double Humbuckers and Sonic Arch4 passive pickups provide a variety of tone options when used with the 3-way pickup character switch. The other tone controls, including the balance and volume controls and the treble, mid, and bass boost/cut knobs allow players to choose between a more vintage style or a modern sound.

Ibanez takes great care in putting together instruments, and builds the ATK810E very well so that it is ready to handle any situation. The solid ash body and maple neck make it comfortable to play. The Premium fret edge treatment also makes the neck very comfortable to hold, allowing for smooth and easy transitions across the neck.

The Ibanez ATK810E appears to be geared a bit more towards vintage musicians at first sight, but can be used to play any genre from any musical era. Ibanez is known to make reliable and versatile instruments, and this bass is certainly no exception!

Tone – 4/5

Build Quality – 5/5

Features – 4/5

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This article written by community contributor Beth McPherson.

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