Wired Guitarist is already well-known for our ultra-rigorous quality control process that is the most strict in the industry.

We’ve decided to keep innovating and bring our community the absolute best guitars possible.  This means all guitars will now receive our Guitar Enhancement Package absolutely free.  It doesn’t matter if you buy a $400 import or a $12,000 custom shop instrument.  They all receive the same level of attention to detail.

The free Guitar Enhancement Package includes:

  • Fret polishing with 6000 to 12,000 grit micromesh.
  • Proprietary anti-corrosion treatment for all hardware.
  • Guitars are polished and buffed prior to shipping.
  • Trem equipped guitars will have their knife edges lubricated to ensure maximum tuning stability.  This also preserves the knife edge.
  • Nuts on hardtail guitars will be lubricated.  This delivers enhanced tuning stability.
  • Excess buffing residue is removed.
  • Electronics are cleaned out.  This is rarely necessary on a new guitar but we feel it makes a difference, so it’s worth doing.
  • Action lowered & optimized.
  • Pickup height adjusted for more clarity.  This is subjective but we feel the majority of guitars we receive benefit from this tweak.

Click here to view our current inventory and reap the benefits of the free Guitar Enhancement Package!  Or click here to see a detailed breakdown of our quality control process.


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