Are you having trouble with one string suddenly buzzing on an open note? Maybe it just keeps popping out of place or making odd noises because of the nut slot? Well, the most obvious fix is to order a replacement. In this edition of Quick Fixes, we’ll go over some D.I.Y. ways to get your favorite axe up and shredding again when your nut is giving you issues.

Now as a disclaimer, these tricks are simply meant to get you out the door and rocking until the proper fix can be obtained. I know shipping times can be long and sometimes you just really need to turn the amp the 11, so this is a way to help you get around that first little hoop if things aren’t working properly.

1. String Wear on the nut can become an annoyance and cause buzzing and other issues. One simple thing to do is to use the handy ol’ superglue and baking soda magic trick. When you combine these two things, you get a rock hard substance that will act as a good filler for a nut slot until you can get a new one.

The way to do this is to get some baking soda and thin viscosity superglue/CA glue (it’s the same thing) and basically pack some baking soda into the slot, drip a drop or two of superglue, let it harden for a few minutes, repeat until level with the rest of the nut and proceed to recut it with an old string wrapped in a very fine grit sand paper.  If you need help with this step of the process try reading our handy guide on replacing your guitar’s nut. It covers a lot of the same material.

2. Open String Buzz with multiple strings is the next issue we’ll cover. Simply shim the nut with pretty much any dense material you can conveniently obtain. I like to have a nice strip of 0.7mm oak or maple veneer and razor blades from the hardware store sitting around just in case anything needs to be shimmed. This method is super easy. Remove the nut, trace it onto whatever it is you’re using, cut to size, shim the nut, and proceed to file down the slots to the proper height if necessary.

3. Bell-Like Ringing Noise coming from behind the nut is the third issue. The easiest and quickest fix for this, though it maybe not the prettiest, is to take some of that foam you get in pickup boxes or other packages and jam it between the headstock and the strings to stop them from ringing out. The foam is also useful to keep around for when you’re recording so instead of taping off strings and getting them all gluey you can just wedge some foam under any strings you don’t want to accidentally hit to mute them.

These should help get you out the door and playing your favorite guitar in no time until you can get the proper fix. 

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This article was written  by Keegan Connor, our editor located in Canada.

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