If you’re here you’re probably wondering what a guitar run is.  It’s a fair question!

What is a guitar run?

Simply put, it’s a small batch of limited guitars with special custom specs you can’t get anywhere else.  The specs are voted on by our community, and then we negotiate with manufacturers to get these limited guitars made with the lowest pricing possible.  You can view some of our previous runs here.  Not all of them are listed there because we have been lazy about uploading the older runs from a few years back.

Benefits of Guitar Runs

-Custom!  You get to vote on specs alongside our community to design a customized, one off model that won’t be made again.
-Easy to pay for.  We only require a small deposit to reserve your guitar with the rest due upon completion of the guitar.
-Enhanced resale.  The guitars in our runs are almost always limited which means they won’t be made again.  You can guess what this does for the resale value on them.

How do guitar runs work?

They can essentially be broken up into 4 stages.

Stage One:  We team up with a manufacturer and work with them to come up with a menu of options for our community to vote on.  This process can sometimes take months as there’s a lot of back and forth between us, our reps, and the luthiers building the guitars in order to figure out what is feasible and what isn’t in terms of specs.  For example, if we want to know if we can use a current signature model as a “base” to build a run off of, then we have to wait for our rep to speak to AR, who then speaks to the artist whose signature guitar we would like to base our run off of for permission.  Whew!

Stage Two:  Our community votes on the specifications they would like to see.  This usually means you can vote on everything from woods used to what inlays, if any, are on the guitars.

Stage Three:  We open up for orders.  Usually for a two week period!  All that’s required during this time is a deposit to reserve your guitar.  After this there is a period where we wait for the guitars to be built by the manufacturer.

Stage Four:  You pay off the remainder due on the guitar and we ship the guitar to you after it undergoes our strict quality control process and receives our complementary Guitar Enhancement Package.

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