Isn’t it annoying when a company tells you about how awesome their guitar strings are but they don’t show you?

(If you’re ready to jump right in and see for your self, you can begin your journey to better tone here, but if you’re still not sure you should join hundreds of other guitarists who use StringDrop, read on and learn why you should!)

I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve been guilty of doing this with String Drop, until now.

We could put out some slickly produced video like other string companies do with clips showing just how great our strings sound but that would be dishonest because all it takes is hiring someone who knows how to mix guitars really well.  You aren’t really hearing the strings, you’re hearing someone’s mix!

To be honest, I also spent all of our money on research and development instead of marketing to make these strings as great as possible because I think good strings don’t need a lot of fancy marketing.  After all, if a product is truly amazing, then why would you need marketing?

Let me show you exactly why StringDrop has us so excited!

String Drop’s progressive tension ensures your high strings are easy to bend, and low strings stay tight.  This chart shows our tension distribution across strings versus that of our competitor’s strings.  You’ll notice their strings have a random tension distribution, with their high E being harder to bend than the high B string…and the low E is one of the loosest strings in their set!


Enhanced tuning stability! When picked, our string warbles significantly less when compared to our competitor’s strings.  You can see exactly what I’m talking about with the chart below.


Our strings are super fresh.  Think fresh baked warm cookies.  Our competitors are 8 month old stale cookies, yuck.

String Drop plectrums last up to 8x longer than regular picks.  OK, that’s a lie, it’s more like 11x or 12x, but maybe you pick harder than the 15 people that tested our handcrafted plectrums.  String Drop plectrums last longer because they are carefully handcrafted in the UK by Tom Winspear with materials including ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene which is commonly used in spinal implants.

Winspear Durable


We care about quality.  That’s why we are willing to pay 70x more in manufacturing costs to have Tom Winspear craft our plectrums in the UK with the best materials available.

Winspear Cost

I hope this email has helped explain some of what has gone into String Drop.  We have invested nearly a year of our lives to make String Drop happen and sincerely believe it will change the way you approach guitar strings and picks.

String Drop will drop on November 17th with free US shipping and a special Black Friday price.   (sorry about the pun)

If you’re not in the US, don’t worry, we heavily discounted the base price for our international customers to offset shipping costs – meaning you aren’t paying much more than someone in the US would!

Unfortunately, I do have to point out one bad thing.  We have had way more interest in String Drop than expected and because of that we will have to cap off the amount of initial subscriptions to make sure there are enough strings for monthly fulfillment.

Thank you for joining us on this journey to better tone.

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