Between The Buried and Me is a band that I had heard about long before I was even into metal music. “Alaska” was actually one of my first metal albums that I ever bought! They are a band that will always be a massive inspiration to me and many other guitarists out there.

So in this edition of Geared, I thought I would delve into the gear that Mr. Paul Waggoner uses!

Paul is a proud user of Ibanez guitars. In 2015 he was graced with his own signature model, the Ibanez PWM100.

The PWM100 is based on the Ibanez S-Series, but with a thicker body. This is interesting in itself, because some people like the idea of a thinner guitar, but can’t quite jive with the super-thin S-Series. This particular guitar also strays away from the standard Mahogany body that you’d see in an S-Series and was instead built with a Swamp Ash body. Swamp Ash adds a bit of extra clarity and brightness that Mahogany doesn’t quite compare to. The PWM100 is outfitted with a Lo-Pro Edge Tremolo and Paul’s signature Mojotone PW Hornet pickups.

Mojotone is a company based in the USA and are a little bit under the radar compared to some other manufacturers. This set actually uses Ceramic and Alnico magnets. It gets super heavy when you need it to, but it makes some really crystal clear sounds as well.

Bonnaroo this weekend. Time to practice. Maybe. #pwm100 #ibanez #laziness

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Paul uses a Fractal Axe-Fx II XL to dial in his guitar tones. For his rhythm tones, he is using the FAS Modern amp patch with a TS 808 in front of it. To power his Axe-Fx into his 2 Port City 2×12 cabs, Paul is using a Mesa Boogie 290 tube power amp. His cabs are fitted with Veteran 30 speakers and Celestion V30s.

To control his Axe FX presets and pedal switches, Paul is using a Rocktron Midi footboard. Other than the Axe FX, Paul still likes to use some stompbox pedals as well! On his pedalboard, Paul has a Strymon Timeline, Wampler Tape Echo, Wampler Leviathon Fuzz, TC Electronics Polytune, Port City Salem Boost, and two Mission Engineering Expression Pedals (one for wah and one for volume).


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This article written by Zac Buras, our editor located in Louisiana.


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