When I was about 16 or so, I played my very first Schecter, and it was a Tempest. It had a unique shape, comfy neck, and it even had a cool fleur-de-lis on the headstock!I thought that guitar was so badass! Anyways, it actually inspired me to buy my first Schecter, which was a C-1 Custom. Today, I’m going to review the first Tempest I’ve played since that one so many years ago!

Let’s see if it’s as great as I remember!


– Mahogany Body

– Arched Maple Top

– Ebony Fretboard

– 12-16″ Compound Radius

– 22 XJ Frets

– Thin “C” Neck

– 3pc Mahogany Set Neck

– Black Multi-ply Binding

–  Chrome Hardware

– Schecter Locking Tuners

–TonePros T3BT TOM & T1Z Tailpiece

–Volume/Volume/Tone(Push-Pull)/3-Way Switch

– Schecter USA Pasadena Pickups

To start off, of course, this guitar has this model has the unique ‘Tempest’ shape that makes it stand out so well. The body has a bit of a funky shape while maintaining ergonomically comfortable contours.

The ‘Vintage White’ finish is complimented by the chrome hardware, black pickguard, and the classy, ‘Mother of Pearl Block Inlays’. The whole guitar has a classy, yet subtly aggressive look.

The addition of the Ebony fretboard is always welcome in this price range, as well as the locking tuners. Although, the tuners aren’t quite the quality you’d find from Schaller, Grover, or Hipshot, these were quite a treat to see on this guitar.

The thin ‘C’ neck is nice and thin, yet well rounded in the center. It’s great for lead players as it doesn’t have much distance to reach to the fretboard, while maintaining a thick point to rest your thumb.


The combination of Mahogany body/Maple top/Mahogany Neck offers a big bottom end with a bit of scoop in the mids. The Maple top adds a bit of zing to the top-end which helps the highs cut through the mix just enough to stand out.

Schecter chose the USA Pasadena humbuckers in the Tempest Custom. The USA Pasadenas are a pleasant surprise, being that they are a stock pickup from Schecter.

Originally created for Zacky Vengeance of Avenged Sevenfold, the Pasadena Plus Bridge Pickup is a bright, yet beefy pickup, and it cuts through the mix well. It handles down tuning quite well and manages to stay precise and smooth. A lot of it’s tonal characteristics can be attributed to the Alnico V magnets used. These are some of the most popular pickup magnets among manufacturers for hard rock applications.

(To read more about pickup magnets, check out our guide Alnico vs Ceramic Magnets!)

While intended for metal and hard rock applications, this pickup is quite versatile as well and boasts a huge dynamic range. The only genre that I may immediately consider a pickup swap for would be super extreme metal styles, such as Death Metal and ‘DJENT’. They aren’t very percussive, but instead are quite smooth.

Build Quality:

This guitar is one of the ‘Made in Korea’ Schecter models, which are generally really great bang-for-your-buck guitars. While it wasn’t a perfect guitar, it was really solid.

The visual aesthetics were executed very well. The overall look of the finish and hardware was very clean, with no issues on binding or anything. The only thing I could find that I was unhappy with was some scratches on the fretboard. Oddly enough, the fretboard itself had a few scratches, while the frets themselves were fine. Obviously, there was nothing that would affect playability here, but just something to note.

Final Verdict:

Overall, the Schecter Tempest was a blast from the past for me. I loved this guitar when I was younger, and after playing the newer model I can say that I was not disappointed.

The classic look, comfortable neck, and screaming pickups make for a really sweet guitar for the rock and metal guitarist. I’d say the unique Tempest could sit fairly well in any guitarists collection.

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This article was written by Zac Buras, our editor located in Louisiana.



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