The band Northlane has become a staple of the progressive metal community in recent years. Guitarist Jon Deiley has definitely done his part in bringing the band to level that they’re at today. His low tuned riffs are crushing, and that can be partly attributed to Jon’s great taste in gear.

Today we’re going to take a look at Jon’s rig and see what it takes to get a sound as powerful and distinct as Northlane’s. So let’s dive in!

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Jon’s rig is based around his signature guitar from ESP. The ESP E-II JDT-7B is a timeless classic with a modern spin that was designed between Jon and ESP to meet the needs that he has for his live performances and in the studio.

An alder body, ash top, a 3-piece maple neck, and the neck-thru construction really give Deiley the sonic qualities he needs to cut through the band’s mix. Combine those specs with the Schaller-Hannes fixed bridge, hand wound Bare Knuckle Pickup Blackhawks, Gotoh locking tuners and the 27” baritone scale and you have an ax that can handle anything that Deiley can throw at it with ease.

Sadly, these models are very hard to come by. They were produced in a limited run of just 12 guitars worldwide. If you’re looking for a similar offering, the ESP E-II TE-7 would be your best bet!

Amps and Effects

Like many other guitarists today, the foundation of Jon’s rig is the Kemper Profiling Amplifier. The Kemper gives Deiley full control to get the tight, punchy tone that he is known for. He first adopted the Kemper for its ease of use but soon realized the potential it really has.

Deiley has recently released his own signature Kemper profile bundle through STL Tones. With this profile pack, Kemper users can load the exact tones that Jon uses live and in the studio to their own rigs.

While Deiley has adopted a digital rig, like so many others these days, he still recognizes that it’s hard to beat the sounds you can get from analog pedals. He sports an impressive, and complex pedalboard with pedals such as the Seymour Duncan 805 Overdrive, the ISP Decimator II Noise Reduction Pedal, and a few pedals from Empress Effects. Jon also uses the rare and unique Danelectro Back-Talk Reverse Delay and a plethora of pedals from Strymon such as that Strymon Timeline, the Strymon Mobius, and the Strymon Big Sky to help deliver the ambient tones that we’ve come to expect from Northlane.

All of these great effects are masterfully weaved into the mix to create the the tone monster that is Jon Deiley’s rig.

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