Science has given us many incredible wonders: the International Space Station, the computer, the cell phone, and of course, the toaster strudel.

But today’s science spotlight focuses on using nothing more than a light bulb and turning it into a compressor, courtesy of YouTuber “LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER.”

So how does it work?

By placing a 12V bulb from a car headlight in between the amplifier and the speaker cabinet via a chopped-up patch cable, anytime enough sound (or current) passes through the signal chain the light bulbs heats up, and therefore lights up as well.

When the bulb lights up it simultaneously is creating resistance in the signal path, turning down the volume and effectively acting as a compressor.

Of course, we have no attack and release controls or any of the standard features you’d find on a studio compressor. In all fairness, however, your Dyna Comp doesn’t look nearly as cool as this.

Need a cool lighting setup for your next show or music video? Want to fool people into thinking your guitar has magical powers? Think your car would look better with only one headlight? This sounds like the perfect DIY project for you.

PLEASE NOTE: not only are we not responsible for any safety issues or damage caused by you attempting this, but we also highly recommend performing this bit of electrical surgery while listening to either the theme from “Bill Nye The Science Guy,” or Thomas Dolby’s “She Blinded Me With Science.”

This article was written by Connor Gilkinson, our editor located in Canada.

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