Last time on “How To Make Money In Music – Part 1” we talked about finding an identity that is unique and sticking out from the crowd in an oversaturated market.

We know that we need to be skilled and we also know that we need to find a niche, and once we’ve laid that foundation we can start generating a system that actually gets us clients.

Every single day we see questions like…

“How do I get people to listen to my band?”
“How do I get my name out there?”
“Why isn’t anyone buying my product?”
“How do I get more clients?”

All of these issues come back to this one powerful tool…

The Conversion Funnel

Once you have your skills and your niche, you need to figure out how to actually get people to pay you for what you do. The steps we take to get someone from being a total stranger to being a lifetime customer are called a Conversion Funnel.

I know we’re getting a little “business school” in here, but trust me when I say this is crucial. Don’t worry, it’ll be over soon!

The actual stages of a conversion funnel will differ depending on your goals, but you can take a look at this approach that will apply to any business or industry:

You need to memorize this because you will never stop consulting this chart for as long as you’re in business. This is your holy bible of business.

We work our way from top to bottom, slowly figuring out how we can get potential clients from the first step to the next until we can finally secure a sale.

1) NEED: What does this person need? Really find out what your target market wants from you. You can’t provide customer satisfaction if you don’t know what you’re trying to satisfy.

2) AWARENESS: How will your potential customers find out about you? How do you get your name to the people who would pay you? You can’t get paid if no one knows who you are.

3) COMPARE: What will make them want to go with you after looking at all other options? Do you have a unique approach or skillset? Do you have better prices? A nicer website?

4) ASSURE: How can you reduce risk for your customer? Do you have a money back guarantee? Positive testimonials and reviews?

5) WOW: How will you exceed their expectations? Delivering a great service is something anyone can do, but what will you do to go above and beyond? Do you have an incredibly fast turnaround time? Can you throw in any freebies to sweeten the deal?

6) SHARE: How will you get them to spread the word? The best kind of advertising is free advertising, and the best form of spreading business is through personal recommendation. While this ties in to “wowing” them with your services, there’s also the more literal aspect: do you get them to share your website on Twitter? Post a review on their Facebook?

To drive home the point even further, we’ll create a quick example for a guitar instructor, skipping the “need” as it’s the implied step.

AWARENESS: Posters have been put up at local schools, community centers, and music stores. You create short YouTube lessons online for free to bring in more awareness online and give potential clients a peek at your teaching. You also have a website and social media pages with all the relevant information.

COMPARE: You are unique because you teach slide guitar, this makes people want to go with you because you have a niche, you are skilled in this niche, you’re the only guy who does this in town, and your prices are fair.

ASSURE: You have great testimonials on your website and your first lesson is free. There’s zero financial risk involved for your customers to figure out if they like you or not.

WOW: You always give your students clear homework and send them home with everything written down so they never forget anything they learned that day. You also end your lessons with a fun jam session to keep them motivated and positive. You give each student their own personalized guitar pick after a set number of lessons or goals are met.

SHARE: You provide a great experience they want to tell their friends about and give the student/their parents a business card with your information on it for them to share if they choose.

So What’s The Point?

Is this all you need as a guitar teacher to succeed? No! If we were to break down every single aspect of our own conversion funnel for Wired Guitarist it would be the size of a short novel. If you want to succeed you need to be taking every opportunity you can to add more to your funnel, to help foster a thriving business that lasts a lifetime.

This is just one of thousands of variations of this funnel. There are countless different steps you can take to help get an individual from one step of the process to the next, and only you and your hard work can find the best way for you.

Do your research, take your time. Learn about your clients and how you can go above and beyond so they keep coming back and bringing their friends with them.

Ask yourself what you can do today to start building this funnel.