For those of us too old to go trick-or-treating, we still need to find a way to celebrate.

Whether you’ve got a big Halloween gig tomorrow night or just want to embody the spirit of the spirits all year round, we’ve picked our favorite Halloween guitars!

From simple pumpkin-orange and bat-black finishes to downright terrifying graphics – budget Ibanez to top of the line ESP – let us take you on a terrifying tonal tour…

Ibanez RGIT20FE

For those who prefer the simple approach, perhaps your best option would be the “none-more-black” approach.

But why go with the black gloss that everyone has when you could have something even more sinister looking? This transparent gray finish reveals the gorgeous wood grain underneath, making this guitar look like it was made right the from haunted tree of Sleepy Hollow.

If your preferred taste of evil comes in a simple design and affordable price, this one is for you. Did we mention it comes in a 7-string setup?

Schecter KM-7 Lambo Orange


If something more colorful tickles your fancy, perhaps this beautiful KM-7 will be more to your liking. This stunning Lambo Orange finish will match your jack o’ lantern perfectly. Just don’t try to carve this one too… okay?

Keith Merrow’s signature line with Schecter has become one of our best-sellers, and it’s no wonder why. The build quality and feature set are phenomenal, but with a price tag aimed at the shredder on a budget.

This one made our Top 5 Guitars of 2016, don’t miss out.

Schecter Damien Platinum Series


This one is a little batty if you ask us… no? No one?

Looking for a mid-range instrument packed to the brim with features and options? You have no idea just how much these guitars deliver. The model pictured here is the Damien Platinum-6 FR S, complete with a tremolo, Sustainiac pickup (so you can do your best “howling spirit” impersonation), and fitting bat inlays.

But when we said options, we meant it. This guitar comes in 6, 7, 8, or 9 strings, with or without a Sustainiac, and in fixed bridge or tremolo configurations. How about an entire arsenal of bat-laden axes from the darkness? Sign me up!

Schecter Sin Quirin V-1

What’s that? Spooky is “lame” and you want something downright satanic? Well, if you insist…

Starting with what is the most sinister looking take on the classic “V” guitar, this matte black finish is only there to protect the pentagram from getting scuffed during summonings (or solos, as you mortals call them).

Black, pointy, and demonic. Any questions?

Schecter Zacky Vengeance Custom Reissue

What’s Halloween without a bit of blood?

This gorgeous blood-red finish is more than enough to make the vampires drool, but as an added bonus we have the iconic “6661/1999” graphic Vengeance’s guitars are known for, and skull on the headstock. Quite fitting!

If you want something simple and straightforward but with a modern take on the traditional les Paul style, it’s hard to go wrong with one of these. And yes, of course it comes in black.


How could we make this list without the iconic guitars of Kirk Hammett? He has many wonderful creations with ESP, but our personal favorite has the ability to contact those who have passed on, and in 3 different colors too!

With incredibly high quality graphics and build quality, this guitar features all of Hammett’s signature features and tones including EMG 60/81 set and scalloped upper frets to reach the notes only the spirits can hear!

While the scariest part about this LTD’s older ESP brother is the $12,000 price tag, this LTD version comes out to just 10% of that price, while retaining about 73% of its creepiness. A bargain!

ESP LTD KH Demonology

Of course, one is never enough for Kirk. Without getting into his countless customs, we’ll round out his offerings with the new Demonology model.

Another fresh take on his classic signature model, this one features the skull and crossbone inlays, EMG pickups and tremolo he’s known for with a unique Demonology design based on sigil magic.

Whether or not you choose to use this guitar to curse your enemies is up to you, but if so, we recommend having a priest nearby for safety.

ESP LTD FM Vincent Price


The king of fright himself has made an appearance on a terrifying instrument as well – Vincent Price’s “Famous Monsters” LTD!

This guitar is everything we’ve come to expect from a quality LTD instrument, but what’s most frightening is that there are only 300 of them in the world, get yours before it gets you…

ESP LTD Bela Lugosi Tales From The Grave

Of course, how could we mention the name Vincent Price without mentioning his equally iconic contemporary, Bela Lugosi. ESP knew better than to pick just one of these legends for their series.

Our personal favorite finish of ESP’s series, the Tales From The Grave is a masterful representation of the original movie poster with gorgeous bat inlays.

Schecter DJ Ashba Acoustic

If you don’t want to risk an electric guitar reanimating a corpse, try a more understated and reanimation-friendly acoustic guitar (with a piezo pickup to boot!)

Schecter and DJ Ashba bring us this unique acoustic design that even Edgar Allan Poe would have nightmares about. With a striped black finish and raven inlays, you may hear a faint knocking at your door…

The Scares Never End!

It should go without saying that we’ve only seen a small peak of the best spooky instruments this year – with ESP’s own being enough to fill an article – but whatever your pick, it all comes down to how you use it.

So go forth, my fellow ghouls and ghosts, contact us to get your hands on one of these spooooky creations and enjoy your Halloween!

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