We’re extremely proud of the brands we carry, and sometimes we even get a little bit jealous shipping a guitar we want to one of our customers. Schecter is one of those brands, and as a result we just had to tell you about some of our favorites!

Here are 5 killer Schecter finishes that we can’t stop drooling over at the office!

Keith Merrow KM-6 – Trans White Satin
There’s something so obscenely classy about a white finish, but Keith took it to a completely different level with two simple tweaks: satin and a touch of transparency.

The subtle wood grain from the flamed maple top underneath is absolutely stunning and acts as the perfect reminder that sometimes subtlety is best. We’re looking at you, 80’s hair metal.

C-1 Apocalypse – Rusty Grey

We are loving this new trend of old, aged, beaten-up natural wood finishes these days. The model name “Apocalypse” is precisely what comes to mind when wondering what this guitar has been through.

The black hardware and stripped-down look suit this finish perfectly, and if you’ve ever wondered what guitar you should play for the end of the world, it’s this one.

E-1 Custom Special Edition – Vintage Sunburst

When the word “sunburst” is said, something very clear comes to mind. We all know what a sunburst finish looks like… but this is something different.

What makes this finish so surreal is the three-dimensional depth to it, that combined with the quilted maple top makes you want to jump right into it.

The depth combined with just a subtle burst at the edges keeps the gorgeous top from being obscured and overshadowed, a very smart choice that most burst finishes disregard. For a more traditional finish with added dimension and jaw-dropping color, you can’t go wrong here.

Keith Merrow KM-7 FR S – Lambo Blue
You’re damn right we have two KM’s on here!

It would be an understatement to say that the Keith Merrow series has been the best thing to happen at Schecter in the past few years, and the finishes are no exception.

Step aside Sonic Blue, there’s a new blue in town! Keith’s choice of color here is a tip of the hat to the vintage days of Daphne Blues and Seafoam Greens while giving it a modern twist. The automotive reference is fitting not just because of the color inspiration, but because this guitar plays like a beast!

If those old pastels aren’t your thing, try an updated take with this punchy gloss finish, complete with matching dot inlays!

Hellraiser Hybrid PT-7 – Ultra Violet
You know what’s kind of played out? Single-color finishes. That’s so 1969.

Ultra violet is an ever-changing finish that shows both blue and purple shades at different angles and in various lighting situations. Can’t decide between purple or blue? “Why not both?” says Schecter!

This is a finish that has a mind of its own! Get yourself a finish that’s as dynamic and alive as music itself with this eye-catching conversation piece.


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