If you haven’t heard about Evertune, you may have been living under a rock for the past couple of years.

If you’re not sure what this new breakthrough in guitar technology is or how it works, we’re here to help you take your guitars into the 21st century!

What Is Evertune?

Evertune is the company behind the Evertune bridge. The Evertune bridge is bridge system that allows for perfect tuning… always.

Your guitar will NEVER go out of tune.

Yes, really!

How Does It Work?

Each saddle on an Evertune bridge is independent, and once they are set to a specific tension amount the saddles will keep that precise amount of tension… always.

They do this by using springs and physics to compensate for any changes in tension, whether they are a result of temperature and humidity changes, the amount of pressure you apply with your fretting hand, neck shifts, or any other factor.

If The Pitch Never Changes, Can I Do Bends?

Don’t worry! Bending is easy with the Evertune system. Each individual string can be adjusted to allow for normal bending, or for perfect tension control so that you can bend a note 2 steps and not hear any variation in pitch as if you never bent that note at all!

Do They Make A Bridge For _______?

Right now Evertune offers 3 bridge styles: a standard fixed bridge, a T-style bridge, and an LP-style bridge.

Do I Have To Install It Myself?

No! Not only can you purchase Evertune instruments from their website, but we are fully authorized dealers for several brands that offer Evertune bridges such as the ESP E-II Eclipse!

How Can I Purchase One?

You can purchase an Evertune equipped instrument by contacting us at [email protected], or purchase your own bridge from Evertune’s website.

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