Do you wonder what’s so special about the picks we include with our String Drop orders?

Well, wonder no longer!

String Drop customers are eligible for free Winspear picks with all subscriptions and any one-time purchase over $30. We wanted to let you know why we include these fantastic handcrafted picks – in short, it’s because we believe you deserve the best picks possible.

Winspear has employed ergonomic design and uniquely durable materials to give you better tone, to encourage better technique, and to last you for years. We’ve broken down the materials used in these picks to give you insight into the science behind the sound.

  • Purity. This is the white plectrum on the left. These are made of ertalyte, a medium density high-grade plastic with good wear resistance. They feel very sturdy and provide aggressive attack and balanced tone.
  • Amber. See that translucent yellow thing with our logo stamped on it? It is made of ultem, which is a moderately dense plastic with great wear characteristics. Amber has bright and full attack and gets grippier as it heats up when you play. I usually rub the pick between by palms before I start playing so I don’t have to wait for it to heat up and get nice and sticky!
  • Bloodline. Can you figure out which one of these is the Bloodline model? If you guessed the red one, then you’re right! These juicy red plectrums are made of high-grade ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. These have a smoother attack than the above materials that also emphasizes the fundamental frequencies.
  •  Frost. The icy blue ones are also made of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene but sound slightly brighter.
  • Yellow/Purple. These two are additional high molecular weight polyethylene variations. They sound slightly brighter than the Bloodline version as well. They are also easy to find if you drop them!

All plectrums are made in a variety of sizes and edges as well. If you want to learn more about Winspear picks, check out their website for more information.

Want to try one out? Get one for free bundled with your String Drop order!