You asked and we delivered! Wired Guitarist is happy to announce the newest upcoming addition to the String Drop lineup: our Regular 8 progressive tension electric guitar strings!

The Regular 8 set employs the same great technology that goes into all of our products, with increased clarity and definition, tuning stability and attack, this time in an 8-string package.

What Is String Drop?

Superior Clarity: Designed for low tunings and extended range instruments to maximize note definition and clarity
Progressive Tension: Low strings are tight, high strings are loose ensuring clear, tight riffing while keeping bends easy to do
Enhanced Tuning Stability: Progressive tension allows you to pick harder on your low strings without knocking them out of tune
American Made: Proudly manufactured in the United States of America

Not only that, but we’ve added a special bonus of tapered strings, allowing you to use our String Drop guitar strings with any 8 string without the need to drill or modify your existing tuning pegs!

For more information on String Drop, visit our website. For updates on the Regular 8 release date follow us on Facebook. 

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