With the Stratocaster being around as long as it has been there has been plenty of time to try out new designs and features. As a result, we now have a wide variety of Strat-style guitars from countless companies, giving any guitarist the ability to find his or her own “perfect Strat.”

Today we’re looking at 4 awesome Strat options under $1,000!

Nick Johnston Traditional

Johnston’s signature model is the perfect marriage between traditional and modern design. The tonal variety and features are based in the traditional Stratocaster sound and feel, with a gorgeous set of pickups and an incredibly comfortable tremolo system. To round out its appeal and feature set it has a flat 14’’ radius, Extra Jumbo frets, GraphTech nut and a 5-way MegaSwitch for even more tonal options than the original.

LTD SN-1000

LTD have been making some of the best guitars in the sub-$1000 price range for longer than I’ve been alive, and the SN1000 is no exception. Here we have another variation of the old school and the new in the form of a humbucking bridge pickup. Looking for a Strat that’s better suited for heavier music? Say no more! The Seymour Duncan Custom 5 is a fantastic addition, allowing you to delve into heavy rock rhythms with loads of punch and clarity under distortion.

LTD SN-200

Looking to stay even more under budget? Or maybe you just prefer the traditional setup… either way, LTD still has your back. An extremely affordable option, this guitar still maintains a level of quality by sticking to its simplistic feature set, the tried and true design of the original.

Ibanez Talman 303

Need something totally different? Say no more. Ibanez delivers the Talman, a Frankenstein-esque creation that merges countless traditional guitar designs into… well, surprisingly something kind of perfect. Think of the Talman as a fat-sounding Strat that can twang with the best Teles in town… no, we’re not joking. It’s about as crazy sounding as it looks, and we kinda dig it.

From traditional to whacky, you can still find a Stratocaster that fits your style and voice without breaking open that piggy bank for something expensive. Keep the old ham in one piece with these wallet-friendly options!

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