Horizon Devices has announced their newest product: the Apex Preamp!

Founded by Misha Mansoor of Periphery, Horizon Devices rose to prominence through the release of their incredibly popular Precision Drive pedal, an overdrive made by and for metal players.

Keeping this kind of guitarist in mind, they created a pedal with a built-in noise gate, a tightness control, and unparalleled versatility – something rarely found in an overdrive pedal.

Its widespread success pushed the company forward and they’re ready to launch their newest tonal creation.

The Apex Preamp (manufactured with incredibly high quality by MXR) gives you full access to your tone-sculpting tools with a 3-band bass, mid, and treble EQ in addition to the standard volume and gain knobs.

But rather than stopping there, they’ve added a built-in noise gate, a “Tight” switch to add punch and clarity even in the lowest tunings, and an astoundingly versatile cab-sim built in!

The cab simulation offers adjustable microphone placement for maximum versatility and is full bypassable for those wishing to run into their own guitar cabinet. You’re not stuck with a single sound for your cab sim like other pedals!

Despite the wide variety of options, it’s built to be entirely “plug-and-play” with simple, usable, and intuitive controls to take the headache out of getting great guitar tone.

The pedal is built to be used in any setup, whether it’s in front of a clean or dirty amplifier, or running straight to a mixing board or audio interface. The cab sim allows you to have a full, punchy metal guitar tone inside a single tiny box.

You can hear this pedal in action thanks to this detailed demo from Ola Englund:

The first run of 500 pedals is expected to ship in December/January, with additional units to come shortly afterward.

To purchase this pedal, head over to the Horizon Devices website. Get yours before they sell out!

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