Far too many people turn their nose up at the idea of purchasing strap locks for their guitar.

“It’s too inconvenient when I want to take my strap off.”

“They’re just ugly and bulky, who needs them anyway?”

Alright, so maybe you’re not sold on them, but let’s look at the facts…

Protecting Your Investment

Strap locks prevent your strap from slipping off the strap buttons, protecting you from a potentially damaging accident.

We spend anywhere between a couple hundred to a few thousand on a single guitar, and most of us have (a lot) more than just one.

Do you really want to trust that investment with a $5 neon-pink strap with flames that you bought from your local music store?

Some people have never dropped their guitar, and never will. Those lucky people are just that: lucky. They are the exception to the rule, not the standard by which to measure your own future.

Budget Friendly

It doesn’t matter how tight you are on money, strap locks are one of the cheapest guitar-related products out there.

They aren’t an expense you need to plan for, they aren’t going to force you to eat beans and rice for the rest of the month.

I know that it’s not glamorous to purchase some tiny pieces of metal (ones that don’t even improve your tone!), but isn’t it more important that you make sure your gear is protected?

You can buy Dunlop Straploks for the price of a meal at a sit-down restaurant, and they act as a way to protect something worth far more than that.

Use Any Strap

Some companies offer straps with built-in locks, but they only offer a limited amount of designs. Rather than spending your money on a really expensive strap, why not get something that does it all?

Purchasing separate locks lets you use whatever strap design you want, whether it’s a custom leather strap with your name on it or that shameful neon-pink strap with flames we mentioned earlier. We don’t judge, unless that strap is on a custom Mayones we sold you…

Everyone Uses Straps

How many of us plan on playing a show at some point? Probably most of us. Only a very small minority of guitarists don’t plan on ever playing anywhere other than sitting on their beds.

As a result, at some point, you’re going to want to stand up because performing while seated is boring for an audience. This requires a strap.

Big deal, right? Stupidly obvious statements being thrown around but what’s the actual point?

The point is that too many people try and make excuses about such an important tool because they simply don’t want to spend the money on strap locks when they could put it towards a new guitar pedal. (Don’t pretend you’re not that person!)

If you use, have used, or plan to use a strap, you can benefit from strap locks.

Cut The Nonsense, Play It Safe

If you can spend $300 on a pedal (wink, wink), $3,000 on a custom guitar, or if you’re crazy enough to buy those ridiculous $1,000 power cables for “better tone”, you can absolutely afford strap locks to protect your investments.

Remember, it’s not just a financial investment you’re protecting, it’s your favorite gear. It’s the tools of your trade. It’s the guitar you feel in love with, so treat her right.

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