Nothing is more painful than going to perform, having a great first 30 seconds, then hitting that B string only to find it’s nearly a half-step out of tune.

I get flashbacks just thinking about it…

It’s mildly traumatizing, both to us and our audience.

Everybody owns a tuner, but just because you’ve got a pedal or rackmount tuner doesn’t mean that you’re completely covered.

Unmatched Portability

It’s almost laughable how small these tuners are. Yes, even smaller than your “micro-sized” pedal!

You can fit a headstock tuner in any bag no matter how tight a fit it is. What’s that? No room in your bag? My first statement defies the laws of physics? No problem, just stick it on your headstock in your hard case or gig bag and you’re set.

Maybe you don’t mind bringing a pedal tuner everywhere, but that’s not the end of it. That pedal is useless without a patch cable, 9V power supply, and a free, easily accessible outlet nearby. That pedal becomes a lot less easy-to-use when you’re scrambling to find these things in a pitch-black bar in Alabama.

Whether you’re short on suitcase real-estate or just don’t want to manage all those cables, a headstock tuner is the perfect solution.

There’s no excuse not to have one of these on you at all times, they’re too convenient!

Tune Anytime, Anywhere

When you’re in a hurry and the show is running over time, you may not always have the time to set up, play through a song, sound check etc. Let me tell you, I can’t count the number of times we’ve only had time to do a line check and then play a set.

In scenarios where you’re tight on time a headstock tuner lets you tune in the 30 seconds it takes for you to run off stage, have the host announce your band, and get back out there.

Most of us are in smaller bands that often take the opening slot. Often times we set up our gear first and then can’t touch it until the headliners finish their set up and sound check. Not really convenient when your tuner pedal is on stage… where you’re not allowed to be.

Why take the risk of not having enough time?

Have one on you and you can easily avoid any circumstances where time constraints play a crippling role.

Cheaper Than The Beers At The Venue

Any time we recommend a purchase for our guitar-wielding readers there are always thinking “I could save that money for a new pedal/guitar/amp/tattoo/taco,” but at less than $7 your wallet won’t even notice that it’s gotten lighter.

In fact, Dunlop’s DT-C1 is less than $7, with the Deluxe version still coming in under $10. It has incredible tuning accuracy, a bright display that works even in the blazing sun, and all the features you’d need in a tuner including custom Hz settings for you experimental players.

Sure is a lot cheaper than the IPA’s they’re selling at the venue tonight, huh?

Why Not?

No matter your budget or experience level a headstock tuner is one of the few “must-haves” for every guitarist. It’s cheap, portable, and makes your life way easier. It’s not a replacement for a high-quality hardware tuner, but it fills the gap when you’re tight on space, time, or both.

So, what are you waiting for?

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