MXR’s lineup of incredible single-knob stompboxes just doesn’t stop.

Today we’re looking at another modulation classic: the MXR Micro Chorus


The Micro Chorus is the vintage “bucket-brigade” sound in the smallest package possible. It delivers very full, lush chorus tones we’ve come to expect.

The overall tone is thick and warm, although it doesn’t add so much in the low mids that the effect becomes muddy.

On milder Rate settings it adds a subtle bit of dimension and depth to your sound, similar to using the MXR Phaser on the lowest setting. Half-way up we get into the chorus sound we’re all familiar with, getting us into the 80’s Rush and 90’s Dream Theater territory, among other things.

There’s a nice sheen that’s added to the high end with this chorus, it’s not harsh artificial high-end being added whatsoever, but quite silky sounding. I think that’s a big part of that “three-dimensional” chorus sound, it helps give more life and presence to the sound and can bring your guitar forward in a mix.

Build Quality:

Fantastic. Industry standard. We’ve been through this with our other recent MXR reviews, so just trust us on this one. 😉


It’s a single knob pedal, and as such, it can be just what you want or your worst nightmare. If you’re a tweaker, this is not the pedal for you. If you love simplicity and a “plug-and-play” rig, you’re set!

In my opinion, this is still too few knobs even for the minimalists. I find a Depth control to be a must-have on a chorus pedal, and while I really do admire the way MXR has dialed in the fixed depth in the Micro Chorus so tastefully, I find myself in a few too many situations wanting to add or subtract some depth.

If you want a chorus that can “warble” and really pull your tuning in and out, or if you want something very fast but subtle (almost into tremolo territory) then you’re going to be scratching your head trying to accomplish it here.

Final Thoughts:

While these single-knob pedals from MXR are astounding, this is the one I would have the toughest time recommending due to the lack of Depth control. I can’t help but feel it’s a must-have, even as someone who isn’t a big proponent of modulation effects.

That being said, it’s still an impeccably well-tuned unit for a wide variety of applications, and if you’re not a “chorus nerd” – or trying to nail an artist’s unique chorus sound – then you simply won’t find a better chorus at this price point.

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