MXR now offers the classic their famous fuzz tones in a package for guitarists looking to save some space without sacrificing their tone.

Does the small package cut any corners? Does it add any new features? Let’s dive in.


The Classic 108 Mini is two steps removed from its original form. The full-sized brother, the Classic 108, is actually a rehoused update of the Fuzz Face Distortion MXR sells. The original Classic 108 gives you a much smaller footprint, a more pedalboard-friendly shape, a buffer switch, and the modern conveniences of battery doors, AC power, and true bypass.

All that said, the difference in sound between the Classic 108 and the Mini iteration is, as far as we can tell, non-existent. MXR has a fantastic track record of making sure that the tone of their pedals remains untouched throughout any changes in size or features.

You’ve still got the same thick, aggressive fuzz sound as the original. On the more extreme settings, you can get insanely compressed fuzz tones taking you well into synthesizer territory. It’s equally suited for blues and classic rock tones as it is for experimental and sludge tones.

Backed off, it’s a nice distortion sound that sounds much more familiar to most. It’s almost an enhanced, hairy, more aggressive distortion box. The more you turn up the distortion it becomes far more clear that this isn’t just a distortion pedal but full on 70’s fuzz in an unassuming package.


The MXR 108 is much smaller than the Fuzz Face it started as…

But small isn’t small enough. MXR had to go Mini. So what’s changed?

In short, a battery option. That’s basically it.

It still has AC power, true bypass switching, and the built-in buffer switch. The buffer switch allows you to forego any issues with fuzz pedals not playing nicely with wah pedals. Depending on your rig, running the two together can cause some annoying oscillation noises that are a little unpredictable, and highly unwanted.

Final Thoughts:

No corners have been cut in downsizing this Classic 108 even further. If you want to dabble in fuzz but don’t have a lot of room on your board, this is your best entry into that adventure. It’s a traditional sound with modern features and it fits in your pocket, we’ve got zero complaints!

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