If you’ve used the internet in the past 3 years, you’re probably well aware that larger companies are taking themselves less seriously. If you need more details, simply look at the Twitter page for Wendy’s.

But it seems that attitude has spread to more niche markets, including music gear.

Line 6 released firmware update 2.70 for their new Helix digital modeler software this past month, and those who don’t pay attention to firmware notes (99% of the population) may have missed the most important update.

In the “Known Issues” section of the patch notes, Line 6 informs us that there are 3 new tuner types that will only show up for registered users who didn’t complain about the previous tuner on their social media pages. Those who did are locked out of those tuners until they fulfill some pretty funny criteria.

The options Line 6 outlined include writing the Helix logo on your forehead and posting a photo of it, posting a Kindergarten Cop meme of Arnie yelling “It’s not a tunaaah”, or renaming one’s own Helix presets to “Patience is Key.”

The full details are in the image below:

Line 6, you beautiful beast.

We don’t have any confirmation about whether or not this is a joke (we imagine it is), but either way, it does have us looking towards a dystopian future where Line 6 controls guitarists, turning off their units when they don’t bend a note to pitch, or self-destructing if it hears the words “tonewood” used in a sentence.

In a world where most of us tend to take our art way too seriously, we have to appreciate Line 6 poking fun and reminding us that life is too short to verbally assault company reps over a tuner.