Horizon Devices – the pedal company founded by Misha Mansoor of Periphery – are releasing a new pedal this Black Friday!

With everyone looking for incredible deals this weekend, Horizon Devices are going a different route by surprising everyone with a new release to boot!

Not much information has been released yet besides this teaser image posted on their official Facebook page:

The word “attack” is clearly visible, with a faint word above that some have interpreted as “nano.” The picture shows just a single knob in a very economically-sized enclosure.

For those out of the loop, both the Precision Drive and the Apex Preamp came with a specially designed “Attack” parameter that took control of the low end, allowing users to tailor the exact amount of low-end thickness or tightness they desire.

Could this be a standalone version of the “Attack” knob that got rave reviews on the previous Horizon Devices pedals?

We’ll have to wait until Friday to find out. 😉

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