Horizon Devices – founded by Periphery’s Misha Mansoor – has launched their newest product today: the Nano Attack!

The Nano Attack takes the wildly popular design of the Horizon Devices Precision Drive and distills it into a single, microscopic guitar pedal.

You have an incredible clean boost with a ton of volume on tap, allowing you to use it as an overdrive on higher volume settings, pushing your amp to the next level.

The “Attack” control taken from the previous Horizon Devices pedals lets you choose how tight your modern guitar tone is, giving you 6 different settings from loose to incredibly tight. It even works on bass guitar!

The internal trim pots allow you to perfectly dial in the volume and brightness to your specific tonal taste, giving you more flexibility without sacrificing valuable pedal real-estate.

Its flexible design works equally well on both true tube amplifiers and advanced digital modelers, conforming to your rig and your tonal demands.

To top it all off it has glow-in-the-dark indicators to help you dial it in on even the darkest of stages.

This pocket-sized wonder is a must-have for the modern guitarist, it’s the swiss army knife of polished guitar tone.

The pedal is $129.99 ONLY for Black Friday, after which it will be available for $149.99.

Save now by buying today, the first 500 orders will be shipped in early December.

Click here to purchase your Nano Attack!