Happy New Year indeed!

Ibanez has finally released their brand new lineup for 2019, and there are some incredible new additions!

Here are the highlights… (full list + specs below)

In addition to revised signature models for Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Paul Gilbert, we’ve got brand new, gorgeous signature models for both Chon and Polyphia! Whether you like trems, hardtails, humbuckers or single coils, they’ve got a beautiful new collection of high-end signature Ibanez instruments.

Ibanez’s highly successful RG lineup is seeing some incredibly innovative new additions as well, including a budget 27’’ 7-string model, new Prestige H-H hardtails and trem models (including a 7), new 8 and 9 string budget models, and some immaculate natural wood finishes on both new and previous models.

The beautifully bevelled RGA and RGD lines are seeing some visual enhancements with burnt chrome pickups and chameleon bursts, with the RGD line seeing two new fanned-fret models to boot.

We’ve got no complaints so far!

All of the new models and their respective specifications can be found right here.

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