Reba Meyers is a name that a fair few readers may not know, but if you know her band – Code Orange – you know they’re one of the heaviest bands making music right now. Not just heavy, but extremely talented leaders in the metal and hardcore genres.

ESP has just announced for 2019 they are releasing a new signature model for the Pittsburgh hailing, Grammy-Nominated guitarist and vocalist, complete with a photo and some specs to boot!

The guitar is just as raw and bare bones as Code Orange’s sound – black, single EMG 81 bridge pickup, single volume knob. It’s a heavy workhorse if there ever was one.

The body is borrowed from the Viper series and has a gorgeous black marble finish with a reverse headstock that gives it a unique twist. It comes with tasteful orange side dots and model name on the EMG pickup in honor of her band’s name.

Black hardware blends beautifully with the finish and to complete this “murdered-out” guitar there’s an EMG TKO kill switch… how perfect is that?

The neck heel is greatly improved compared to the SG shape the guitar is based on, giving you incredible upper fret access without anything standing in your way.

Congratulations to Reba Meyers for also being the first female guitarist to have her own ESP signature model, we can’t wait to see what Code Orange accomplishes next!