Kemper Amps – famous for their digital Profiler – have announced at NAMM 2019 the release of their new software, making editing and tone-chasing easier than ever, as well as their new guitar cabinet with a twist.

The software – currently a prototype – is a new desktop-based application you can use to fully edit your tones on the fly without touching the front panel. This has been a long-awaited released by a majority of Kemper users and is certainly going to make tweaking far more convenient.

It’s good to see that after years of being on the market both the amp head and rackmount Profilers are still being supported with software updates and feature additions.

The cab is especially interesting, which is essentially a guitar cabinet with FRFR (full-range, flat response) capabilities like a PA speaker.

Thanks to the built-in power amp in the Kemper Profiler amps, the cabinet is completely passive, unlike many FRFR speaker designs.

The speaker inside the cabinet is a proprietary design, and the sound is driven by the DSP inside the Kemper itself. It can switch between a standard FRFR sound or it can be made to produce a standard guitar speaker sound, both in tone and dispersion pattern.

The cab doesn’t require any special cables or inputs and operates with just a standard speaker cable thanks to all the tonal work being driven by the Kemper itself instead of the cab.

Kemper says that if users aren’t too keen on the cab design they can buy just the speaker itself and put it in their own cabinets.

These products are expected to be released later this year.