If you’re familiar with Eddie Van Halen (aka, you haven’t been living under a rock for over 50 years) then you may also know about his signature EVH Wolfgang series of guitars. Not many players can pull off starting their own successful gear company, but Eddie can.

Eddie has been known to modify his guitars to a significant degree, earning his main guitar – dubbed the “Frankenstein” or “Frankenstrat” – the honor of being one of the most iconic guitars of all time.

When the EVH Wolfgang models were launched it was something completely different, seeing Eddie play brand new, unmodded production models was new territory coupled with his new personal look at the time.

Striped Series Shark, Pau Ferro Fingerboard, Burgundy with Silver Stripes

Now the lineup is expanding by going back to its roots and offering a production version of his lesser-known icon, the Striped Shark!

The Striped Shark came about when Eddie decided to take a saw to his guitar, something most of us wouldn’t even think about doing to our precious instruments. When all was said and done he’d created a design akin to shark teeth protruding from the wood body.

Finally, to finish it off, the guitar was given the familiar striped tape and spray paint treatment, revealing the white and red design we all instantly recognized.

The production model tips its hat to the original 1978 Striped Shark, featuring an ash body and maple neck with a modified C-shaped profile and 12-16’’ radius and 22 frets. It comes with custom Wolfgang pickups that employ an Alnico 2 magnet for a tone that would make Eddie himself proud.

For a remake of a modified, custom instrument, it comes in at a pretty reasonable price compared to similar efforts (such as Stevie Ray Vaughan’s personal Stratocaster) at just under $1,700 USD.