Wes Hauch and Seymour Duncan have revealed their new collaborative effort, a brand new pickup known as “Jupiter.”

For those who may not know Hauch, he is one of the most incredibly talented players in the metal genre today. From his time serving out technical goodness in The Faceless to his venture into instrumental music alongside Keith Merrow with Alluvial, he is treading new ground every day.

He’s had a relationship with Seymour Duncan for a number of years now, and it’s quite fitting to see the development of a new model together.

The Jupiter is a 7-string, high output pickup built for the intricate and precise metal Hauch knows so intimately. It promises the expected “metal” checklist of being aggressive with a chunky midrange that doesn’t sacrifice clarity.

The pickup employs a ceramic magnet and an impressively high output of 17.8k all in a notable rail design, which in and of itself is rather unheard of these days in metal. Immense time and care was put into this pickup over the course of over 2 entire years.

The first 150 units will be signed by Hauch himself.

For more information on the development of the pickup, you can hear Wes and the Seymour Duncan team talk in detail in the video below.