Lots of questions have been asked about String Drop recently, and we’re here to let you know we are back up and running in a new location, the Horizon Devices store.

We can’t thank our customers enough for their undeniable passion for our product, it’s been an overwhelmingly positive experience for us to hear we’ve created something that guitarists appreciate.

For those who don’t know about String Drop guitar strings, we’ve tailored them specifically for the modern guitarist…

String Drop strings are the easiest way to get better tone & playability thanks to the use of progressive string tension. Progressive tension calculates the optimal string gauge for every string based on tuning and tension on the guitar. This ensures low strings are tight and won’t be knocked out of tune by hard picking while bends on the higher strings are easier.

Thanks to our exclusive blend of alloys, our strings give you superior clarity and note separation, regardless of how low you like to tune. Developed alongside a scientist – and lifelong guitarist – with a PhD in materials science & metallurgy in order to bring you the best guitar strings possible that guarantee maximum quality, consistency & freshness.

Our strings are tested 4 times during the manufacturing process to ensure you only get the best, these strings are then immediately shipped out to you while typical guitar strings are made, then shipped to a distributor where they sit until being shipped to a store and then sit on a shelf for months until you buy them.

Still have questions about the strings? Contact us!

We look forward to the future as we continue to bring our strings to so many incredible musicians worldwide.