Weezer is not a name you would associate with metal, or any of the content we feature on our website for that matter, but they’re stirring up a bit of controversy amongst metalheads.

For those of you who aren’t avid listeners, their previous album releases have typically been titled simply with colors. The Blue album, the Teal album, and so on. It wasn’t very original when they released 2016’s “The White Album,” causing most members of The Beatles to presumably roll over in their graves, but it’s just an album after all.

However, this time they’ve apparently run out of colors and we are now looking at the Black album. Metallica references aside, this isn’t the only connection to metal being drawn.

In order to promote the album Weezer have launched a web-store titled “Black Metal Hub” to sell various pieces of black-themed Weezer merchandise. You can imagine the response from the black metal community, I’m sure. If only the store was a physical location, they might have burned it down already.

Not only is the merch themed around the album, but features various items with metal-inspired designs featuring pentagrams and the band’s logo written in a font reminiscent of old black metal band logos like Venom.

In light of all this… weirdness, one good thing has come from it, they’re giving away a Strat copy that’s… kind of metal AF?


This all-black Stratocaster is being given away to anyone who either purchases an item from the above-mentioned store or sends in a postcard, oddly enough.

Metal fans have had their feathers ruffled a bit with this one, but on the plus side, if you’re looking for an all-black Stratocaster and don’t mind sanding off a giant “W” logo on the body, this might be a win-win for you.

Considering you can enter to win a custom Stratocaster that’s all-black, and you don’t have to do anything other than sending a postcard, it might be worth your time.

What do you think of their marketing strategy? Is it good fun, or simply patronizing and tacky?

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