John Mayer is undoubtedly an incredible songwriter and guitarist. While his unassuming mainstream pop hits may be misleading, he can stand up on stage next to the best blues guitarists out there. Many of them have been quoted commending him for his skill on the instrument.

One artist we wouldn’t expect him to be rubbing shoulders with, however, is Tosin Abasi, Animals as Leaders guitarist and now-founder of Abasi Guitars.

Recently the two met up at a rehearsal of Mayer’s in Los Angeles where Mayer spent some time trying out one of Abasi’s fanned-fret 8-String guitars, quite the departure from his bread-and-butter Stratocasters.

According to Abasi’s Instagram, the popular pop/blues artist will be getting his own build from the newly-established guitar manufacturer. Safe to say there won’t be a signature model, especially after his recent jump to PRS, but the mere fact that he’s looking to play one is quite interesting. From a long-time Fender player to a seemingly far more explorative approach.

One would assume we’ll be seeing a 6-string version, possibly with a tremolo and single coil pickups, but for now, all we have is speculation.

What do you think the specs will be? Do you think more guitarists of other genres should be trying extended range or fanned fret instruments?


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