Scottie LePage – one half of the incredible guitar duo in (arguably) progressive metal band Polyphia – has just announced his new signature guitar pickup with DiMarzio.

The IGNO bridge pickup is a high-output, f-spaced bridge pickup tailored specifically for the incredibly articulate and nuanced guitar tone LePage’s band is known for.

While the progressive metal band has started to move in a more pop and EDM inspired direction, whether you’re a fan of old or new Polyphia their guitar tones are inarguably clear and articulate. You can hear every little nuance to their pick attack, every slide between notes, the snap of the string, no subtlety goes unheard.

DiMarzio’s site rates the EQ balance of this pickup to be pretty balanced in the highs and mids with a slight roll off in the low end, exactly what is needed for a tone like LePage’s that dabbles in both high gain lead and low gain funk environments

One of the key features was to increase the output while maintaining separation in the lows and highs, and not muddying the tone with too much of a midrange bump. In order to achieve the output desired, an Alnico 8 magnet was used in the design.

Polyphia seems to love a little bit of flash in their instruments and the pickup is no exception to that rule, sporting a black finish with a splash of gold on the pole pieces. Not a fan? You can get them in silver or black too. Understated, but classy. This will go great in their new signature models, without a doubt.

If you want to go the extra mile, it’s still available in a wide range of finishes including colors, zebra variations, camouflage, and even fully gold for that 24K tone.

No word yet on whether or not we’ll see a standard spacing model, but the bigger questions is whether or not there will be the addition of a neck pickup in the near future as well.

Scottie LePage uses DiMarzio’s IGNO bridge pickup and True Velvet middle and neck single coil pickups.

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